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One Day

Pritha Saha

Ajay Tiwari

‘One Day’ is a collection of seemingly disjointed and mundane imageries from scattered experiences over a period of time to form a single day. The melancholic scenes from the viewpoint of an individual have occurrences in the periphery, noticeable only in the phases of forlornness and seclusion. Simultaneously, the film depicts the relentless march of time as events unfold irrespective of the observer’s state of mind and our presence.
Pritha’s goal was to realize a cohesive world for her film with a context open to interpretations. She made collages with photos of existing places and recreated
a new space by combining other elements. She placed them on a table top to shoot the film as paper cut-out animation. Sound design, editing and color-correction helped in getting the final outcome. The learnings from the project taught Pritha how to look at solitude and other emotions from a different perspective in life.