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Redesigning the User Experience of Food Delivery Service in India

Amrutheshwari V Kabadi

Chakradhar Saswade

The project was an output of the primary and secondary research done on what ‘quick buy’ during and post-delivery meant to India’s tier one city customers. To study the same, food delivery was taken as a sample service to deep dive into what slows down the food ordering experience. Amazon is always on the lookout for unmet user stories and strives to interest and delight its customers by addressing it.
Amrutheshwari’s project was a general study that revealed information on the perception of quick buy, personalization, selection cues and willingness to pay for faster delivery among frequent customers. The lean UX design process by Jeff Gothelf encouraged the team to do a concept testing with minimum viable prototype with the users. The outcome of the project was to encourage one to think of e-commerce as an extension of a convenience platform rather than just a delivery or logistic domain.