Discipline Faculty

Reimagining Mobile App Developer Experience on IBM Cloud

Manuj Tewari

Mamata N Rao

IBM Cloud platform is an offering to assist users with development of services through IT applications, infrastructure and services developed by IBM. Manuj’s brief was to ease the experience for users in an enterprise to get the job of deploying a mobile app done. The project foresaw the users from the point of landing at the website till they start consuming the services offered by IBM.
A set of detailed high-fidelity screens and a clickable prototype to demonstrate the functioning of the new design concepts was to be provided. Working on additional visual illustrations wherever required was also expected. The design was tested with a number of users to get feedback and improve to their needs rather than assumptions. The project was an effort to empower users of IBM with a dynamic experience that was easy to operate and a delight to use. It provided flexibility, freedom and support from the team to explore solutions under various challenges.