Discipline Faculty

Travelling VIP Way: Enhancing the Experience of using Luggage

Mayuri Rameshwarrao Kale

S Guruprasad

The travellers of today want things personalized and customized to match their personality. India’s top-selling luggage brand VIP Industries Ltd is facing tough competition, as existing luggage bag designs look quite similar. Mayuri’s project aimed to strategize hassle-free luggage handling for VIP’s customers by minimizing design complexities and maximizing customer experience. Personalised luggage range is highly experiential and intuitive in nature and the design process involved identification of gaps in the existing scenario and strategizing of design directions to simplify the complexities.

The research and analysis deemed helpful in gathering insights that led to design directions for creating products that create moments of delight on a traveller’s journey. It was concluded that to create or maintain a good brand image, a brand must exceed the expectations of its target audience. Experiential products that can effectively communicate, would win their audience and provide personalised luggage to
its customers, should be the way forward.