Discipline Faculty

Rediscovering Offline Learning in the Age of the Smart-Phone

Arnav Sameer

Bhaumik Nagar

Learning can happen through various media, be it schools or universities, friends or colleagues and the various kinds of experiences that one goes through. Today, while online media provides learning opportunities by providing immense access to information, it also bears the risk of failing to build a nuanced and synthesized understanding of the subject. The scalability of online education brings with it one major problem; the depersonalization of the learning experience.
Arnav’s project attempted to bridge the gap by personalizing the learning experience. The product ‘Lernr’ is a platform for location-based peer to peer discovery and on-demand engagement, for personalized micro-learning experiences, in the offline world. It uses the simple premise that one can find people to meet and learn from around them. It is a social experiment to discover the behavioral patterns prevalent with in-person learning and test the favorability and adoption of a service that enables these experiences.