Discipline Faculty

Design for Dialogue

Ankita Thakur

Tarun Deep Girdher

Young children are naturally inquisitive and at school this curiosity is constrained by the limits of curriculum and fear of disciplinary actions. Through her graduation project at Eklavya, Ankita aimed to understand the current educational scenario in India in this context. Her study aspired to encourage critical thinking in eight to twelve-year old children, through tools and techniques in philosophy to help initiate dialogues with contrasting opinions and constructive discussions.
During the term, it was observed that the richness of learning material did not surface until the facilitator played their role in delivering it and how critical thinking was practised in the field. The project involved translating the evolving pedagogical approach that Eklavya practices into a tangible product through graphic design. Ankita participated in field programmes and workshops to understand the important role a facilitator plays in the enhancement of teaching materials which manifested into her creation.