Discipline Faculty

Verve: Bespoke Luxury Recliner driven by Innovation

Ashish Anand

P Rama Krishna Rao

The aim of the project was to design a bespoke luxury recliner, driven by innovation. Various literature and market studies were carried out to understand how the recliner mechanism works and the complexities behind it. Ashish visited the China International Fair in Shanghai to understand the latest trends in the recliner industry. Research included understanding the design context as well as market, lifestyle and technology analysis, followed by study of brands and market analytics. The design process was mainly driven by the research and insights from user surveys.
The process of design thinking was applied to finalize customer requirements and mechanism limitations. Thereafter, the mood board was created and various explorations were made. Once the final design was conceptualized and drawn, it was sent for woodworking, pasting of foam, stitching, cladding, assembly and testing. Design validation was done through various experts from different industries for their input regarding the comfort and quality of the product.