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Ingenious: Waste Managing System

Sarita Lavania

Shashank Mehta

Sarita worked with Scrap Plaza, a part of the engineering and maintenance department of KLM Airlines for her graduation project. KLM Scrap Plaza handles waste management and the objective of the project was to design interventions and services to improve KLM Scrap Plaza’s relationship with the plastic waste they receive. The scope was to develop a system that could enable waste tracking and provide insights for sustainable decisions to deal with it.
The project was developed by following MediaLAB Amsterdam’s methodology Scream, which is a combination of scrum and design thinking. ‘Ingenious’ was the organizational design process developed to collaboratively manage plastic waste focusing on the 3Rs of sustainability - reduce, reuse and recycle. The process included use of technology in the form of Smart Bin and the Scrapalyzing App to provide information and visibility on the waste materials collected, providing an efficient and strategic solution to send plastic waste to eco-responsible destinies.