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Wanderlust Autonomous: Reimagining Tourism in 2040

Varun Manocha

Balaji Rengarajan

The objective of Varun’s project was to capture the spirit of spontaneous travel and meaningful exploration by envisioning a whole new dimension in the realm of travel and tourism in the year 2040. This would be a novel experience that would hinge itself on a lifestyle radically transformed by the prevalence of self-driving vehicles. The research methodology employed a systems-level approach to understanding the macro and micro factors that drive the travel and tourism industry.
Trends forecasting for the year 2040 gave shape to a context and accompanying narrative which culminated in a final design brief focused on designing a fully autonomous mobile living experience for the future urban nomad. The design process saw the conception of a new brand, ‘Wanderlust Autonomous’, offering a unique travel experience, underlined by living and working on the go. The design development focused on a conceptual vehicle experience design which was validated through physical prototyping of a 1:20 scale model.