Discipline Faculty

Design for Virtual Reality

Sanofer H

Dr Bibhudutta Baral

The project was carried out with VR@IDC at IIT Bombay. Design for VR is a long-term research and development project, for exploring the various possible interactions in VR/AR/XR and defining a design process for them. Although the application of XR is very vast, a proper interaction method has not yet been established because of various reasons such as the ambiguity and difference in the hardware design and limitation of processing capabilities. Sanofer’s project was an attempt to establish a design process in that area. The project aimed to understand the user psychology and behavior related to motivation in humans, to identify the factors that could be used to design a VR game or movie. The final output was a VR game which can be played while travelling by car, making use of real time traffic data for the game play. There is also a fantasy world and other infotainment options which the user can explore.