Discipline Faculty

Product Development + Experiential Learning + Communication

Divyanchee Verma

S Guruprasad

‘Customer always comes first’ is a mantra followed by most organizations, yet they fail in implementing it by missing the bigger picture of customers’ end-to-end experience. The brief given to Divyanchee at JCH-IN was to drive the organization towards understanding their customers by serving their actual needs.
The design process involved understanding the organization both internally and externally for which she interviewed the HODs and conducted surveys to capture honest responses. Field research conducted by visiting stores as a mystery shopper and college student helped in redefining the initial brief by highlighting the after-sales service and system process. The analysis of research findings helped in designing the process for a third-party service station for hiring and retaining technicians after the peak season, as they are the first touchpoint of users along with service station after the purchase. The process can be implemented across all service stations with regards to any product or service.