Discipline Faculty

The Yellow Wall: Human Centric Organization

Stuti Chandra

S Guruprasad

The objective of the project by JCH-IN was to ascertain where the organization stood in its human-centric approach, to revive the design philosophy and develop a customer-centric behavior within the organization. To achieve the same, Stuti studied the issues preventing the organization from being human-centric. The project provided in-depth knowledge of various processes of a large organizationand helped in understanding the problems as a regular employee, customer, client and manager.
She researched JCH-IN foundation manuals, ethics policies, brochures and the print material available. An anonymous survey was conducted to find out the employee sentiments. A design workshop with the senior management from various divisions was also carried out. Stuti faced a number of challenges in having the project tested as well as implemented in the organization. The suggestions were relayed to the top management who promised to take the project further. The scope was vast enough for her to explore various tenets of strategy design management.