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Lighting Installation: High End Spaces and Indian Craftsmanship

Dhananjay Kumar

P Rama Krishna Rao

Working with Shimera provided a fascinating opportunity to Dhananjay, to get a new perspective towards the production process from micro to macro level and to understand how a small component can be part of a huge installation. The scope and challenge offered through the project was to design an installation for high end spaces and properties, for the target audience to experience a unique and emotional value of the space.
Continuous ideations were done until the final installation. Studying market trends and understanding client needs were initial steps taken. The next stage included exploring the selected space and creating scales, dimensions and free hand sketches to estimate the volume. This was followed by component selection, design approval and vendor liaison for final execution of the installation. In conclusion it emerged that the current everchanging market scenario has created immense possibilities for designers and increased awareness towards design in all fields.