Discipline Faculty

Fresher Jobseekers

Raju Kumar

Nijoo Dubey

During his graduation project with Info Edge (Naukri.com), Raju had to find out the existing pain points of fresher jobseekers and develop an innovative user experience ecosystem for them. Subscription fees and advertising are the two ways by which the website generates revenue.
In the present scenario, 90 percent of the revenue earned is from recruiters (B2B) and 10 percent from jobseeker services (B2C). The key concerns for the organization were; not being able to generate revenue from jobseekers, the current unemployment resulting in jobseekers being unable to buy their products and opportunity generation for jobseekers in other job categories through their platform.
Raju visualized the scope of user experience to help increase sustainability of product. The design solution consisted of a mobile application and computer-based service which would initiate a self-driven product model instead of the manual operations of shortlisting, interview schedules and job offers and a comprehensive report which documented the design process.