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Anand Mahindra Chairman Governing Council National Institute of Design

Yet another batch of students is graduating this year and there is so much expectation from the batch, not to mention its simultaneous wait to take off on the wings of imagination and ambition. The National Institute of Design (NID) has sharpened the design perspectives of these students with its pioneering efforts in spreading design education and awareness for more than fifty years now. This again has been a wonderful academic year at the National Institute of Design, with its students bringing in laurels and honour to the institute in various areas of design.

Ushering in a new wave of design sensibilities and design thinking, these graduates today will soar higher and create new domains in the fi eld of design. NID, with its path breaking curriculum and academic practices has provided students with a new interpretation of design situations, renewed their understanding about societal problems, and has equipped them with the ability to come up with design solutions to address the same.

With deep insights and vision, these graduates are all set to embark on a whole new exciting journey in which they will transcend all frontiers of learning they have been acquainted with so far. Having been trained in an intellectually diverse multidisciplinary learning environment, these graduating students are all poised to bring about change and herald in a signifi cant reinterpretation to how design can be implemented in all walks of life.

These graduating students have been steered towards the path of excellence by their faculty and on this path, I am sure, they will come across various challenges. However, I am confi dent that they will show their knowledge and determination and overcome all challenges thus accomplishing the goals they have set for themselves. This edition of Young Designers features the fi nal projects of these graduating students at NID and bears testimony to how they will surely move on to create new benchmarks and innovations in the fi eld of design. I wish them all the very best for the future.

PRADYUMNA VYAS Director National Institute of Design

Winds of change have been sweeping past the corridors of design learning at the National Institute of Design. With a renewed educational pedagogy and insight into research, we have yet another enthusiastic group of students who will graduate this year. The institute has once again reinforced in these students how NID strongly adheres to the fact that design can never be divested of social responsibility. For all the students graduating this year, the inspirational role played by faculty would have undoubtedly opened up new frontiers of knowledge in the fi eld of design. The skills, discipline, and determination to strive for their career goals and indeed achieve them is what these students have been trained for. NID is renowned for its multidisciplinary design education and the teaching methods here inculcate creativity in students ensuring their overall intellectual growth.

With flowering ambitions just waiting to take wings, for this year's graduates, the world is an oyster. With world-class design education having empowered them, they are confi dent enough to spread their wings across new vistas of design and discover the world for themselves. Propelled by creativity and imagination, I am sure they will make a valuable contribution to the world of design. Design education at NID has shown them a glimpse into the entire panorama of design studies and applications and these student graduates, I am sure will transcend the boundaries of learning they have gained during their student days here and begin to explore new fi elds of knowledge and even create such new unexplored fi elds on their own.

With their creative thinking, they can use sustainable practices for socio-economic development. While it is always good to have widespread industrial and economic development, the impact these changes bring about on the environment cannot be overlooked. Progress cannot happen at the cost of the environment. I am sure that these students will exercise their superior creative and developmental design thinking and fi nd a harmonious balance between economic development and preservation of the environment. Indeed, this is the need of the hour. Being responsible human beings, I am sure that these students, before coming out with design solutions, would defi nitely spare a thought for the future implications of these solutions be they social, economical, ethical, or environmental.

This edition of Young Designers sees the fruition of design talent, with each page providing a glimpse into the fi nal projects undertaken by them as students. Well, this is just the beginning. They are at the threshold of opportunities and I am sure they will explore them all and build successful careers for themselves. I congratulate this year's graduating students and extend my best wishes to them.

SHASHANK MEHTA Activity Chairperson Professional Education Programmes National Institute of Design

Once again, a set of students at NID is preparing to move out of the institute to serve the world. They are leaving the institute as young designers setting new bench marks in design and innovation. Their graduation projects exploring challenges and opportunities across diverse sectors of the Indian economy and society reiterate the need for a design driven approach to bring in the much needed change towards sustainable and inclusive development. Design touches and transforms the quality of lives of the people and the stakeholders involved. It helps create that much needed connect: human to technology and systems, and also at the human-to-human level.

Education programmes at NID have matured and evolved over the years, as unique design programmes most suitable to the country's needs, providing ample opportunities and challenges for the students to face real life situations. The curriculum across these is constantly refi ned to remain in sync with the rapidly changing demands and aspirations of the industry and economy in general. Thereby, helping young graduates to effortlessly transform into professionals and design leaders capable of serving at any level, from the grassroots to strategic interventions.

The flexible and project based system of education at NID demands sensitive mentoring and constant involvement from its faculty members. I take this opportunity to thank my faculty colleagues for their immense contribution in shaping the future of these young graduates. Participation of large and varied sectors of Indian and global industries in supporting their graduation projects as well as absorbing these young graduates, amply demonstrate the confi dence in the system of education here at NID and the capabilities of its graduates.

My best wishes to these young designers for their future endeavors.

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