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Paper lamps
Urban lifestyle
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Elegant Dining : Plates & Platter in Bonechina
The objective was to come up with a collection of lighting inspired by origami, within market trends, appealing to the customer profile. The target customers were contemporary, urban Indians with an international outlook.
The methodology included: company overview, understanding the medium, learning and exploring, understanding and working on medium constraints, user profile, theme selection, design ideation, working on supportive material, narrowing down possible designs in medium, prototyping, prototype testing, costing, technical drawings, die-cutting, training staff, packaging.

The psychographic profile for the range is creative, individualistic, sophisticated, artistic and experimental. After making mood boards and user boards, the focus was on implementation. With the changing scenario, one can see that people are open to change. Knowing the customer helps create an outline for the overall design language. It helps in understanding and visualising the appropriate concepts, overall look and feel of the product.

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