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Reviving traditions
Raw community
Skill development
diploma project
The objective was coming up with a range of glass beads and jewellery products and working with a raw community with minimal craft skills; thereby helping them to earn their pride and livelihood by teaching and imparting them with technical knowledge. The root of the project was training them on creating/reviving a craft tradition for a region where nothing existed earlier.

The process involved a hands-on approach towards design and skill development, field visits, understanding their craft and culture and developing an idea of existing market connects. Workshops with the craftsmen were organized for exploring new beads in terms of color, form and finishes.

An unconventional design process was adopted. The final range included jewellery and other accessories aiming at both, domestic and international market; combining glass beads with crochet techniques. The products followed the basics of crochet and beading technique, using simple and easily available materials.

class room project

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