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Dirty Hands
diploma project
Indian Squatting Orissa Pan
The objective of this Dirty Hands-sponsored project was to create exposure for sanitaryware products being manufactured in the Thangadh craft cluster. The brief involved redesigning the cluster’s products with value-added features, production efficiency and reduced water consumption while flushing.

The aim was to achieve the right balance between innovative ways of exploring form and function of the traditional Orissa pan and its emotional, functional, ergonomic and cultural background. Systems research, market survey and data collection eventually resulted in working prototypes.

The closed rim Orissa pan, previously bench cast, was redesigned for battery casting. The flushing system was refined as per the Venturi principle to conserve water, and the form was made stackable, removing the trap area from the immediate view of the user. The focus was on redesigning the pan for consumers in both, Indian and export markets, as per industrial product development requirements and procedures.

class room project

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