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Borosilicate glass
Surface ornamentation
Screen printing
diploma project
‘Vision’ through Screens
The project encompassed two different briefs: the first was to design decals for vision glasses, classic mugs and bowls, while the second involved designing stainless steel saucers for the mugs.

After concepts for the decals were developed, issues with the application of the technique resulted in a shift to a screen printing process as a more cost-effective and time-efficient method for surface ornamentation. Taking inspiration from leaf motifs, designs were developed for screen-printed glasses, keeping in mind the market need and user requirement.

For stainless steel saucers, research was carried out on sheet metal production techniques and types of ornamentation methods for metal surfaces. The second project would be carried forward in the near future, with proposed concepts for the same to be implemented in the final products. The project results also share future form possibilities for the vision glasses and mugs.

class room project

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