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Stop motion animation
Magical realism
Self discovery
diploma project
The Cure
A mixture of puppetry, hand-drawings and experimental animation, this fantasy film is about a man’s journey to an unknown destination, in search of a cure. Giving up his home, family and all earthly possessions, he seeks his childhood friend in an unknown place, who promises him the answer to his quest.

He travels, weighed down with ghosts of his past, facing the ignorance and menace of strangers; trying to blend with others. The tale develops into magic realism as he loses himself in the dark woods, caught up in a desperate metaphysical adventure. Adrift between real and imaginary worlds, he is confronted by his demons, His travels lead him on a path of self-discovery, to examine and understand the world around him; while reflecting upon and healing his troubled childhood. The film ends with him realising that there is nothing wrong with him and to enjoy life as it is.

class room project

Aakanksha MittraGDPD

Aashay MeshramGDPD

Abhishek SinghGDPD


Arushi KathuriaGDPD

Bhumika GarbyalPGDPD

Chitradeep BenerjeePGDPD

Hanoch JohnPGDPD

Ishika SrivastavaGDPD

Kapil GopinathanPGDPD

Kirat BrahmaGDPD

Kshitij VermaPGDPD

Manimaran RPGDPD

Mihir LeleGDPD

Nausheen JavedPGDPD

Neer MistryGDPD

Nikhil ChalakhPGDPD

Ninaad KulkarniGDPD

Prashant SartapePGDPD

Pushpendra BharambePGDPD

Rabindra KumarGDPD

Rahul LaishramPGDPD

Sephin AlexanderPGDPD

Shirin KharaPGDPD

Upamanyu BhattacharyyaGDPD

Venkatram VGDPD

Vikrant BarmateGDPD

Vivek SinghPGDPD

Vivek RamGDPD

Wangdan WangpanGDPD