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Tamil Nadu
diploma project
Set in the times of analogue photography in Tamil Nadu, the story revolves around a photographer and his beloved studio. The movie tries to capture the nostalgic memories of his life, in his studio; untold stories about the people who crossed his path and the painful changes that enveloped his life.

The film is an attempt to relive the warm intimate conversations and portraits of life. It is a story about nostalgic love and acceptance of change. The motto is to make the audience understand that the only thing constant in our lives is ‘change’. The target audience consists of those above 13 years of age. The treatment is mixed media (2d) and the duration is three minutes.

class room project

Aakanksha MittraGDPD

Aashay MeshramGDPD

Abhishek SinghGDPD


Arushi KathuriaGDPD

Bhumika GarbyalPGDPD

Chitradeep BenerjeePGDPD

Hanoch JohnPGDPD

Ishika SrivastavaGDPD

Kapil GopinathanPGDPD

Kirat BrahmaGDPD

Kshitij VermaPGDPD

Manimaran RPGDPD

Mihir LeleGDPD

Nausheen JavedPGDPD

Neer MistryGDPD

Nikhil ChalakhPGDPD

Ninaad KulkarniGDPD

Prashant SartapePGDPD

Pushpendra BharambePGDPD

Rabindra KumarGDPD

Rahul LaishramPGDPD

Sephin AlexanderPGDPD

Shirin KharaPGDPD

Upamanyu BhattacharyyaGDPD

Venkatram VGDPD

Vikrant BarmateGDPD

Vivek RamGDPD

Vivek SinghPGDPD

Wangdan WangpanGDPD