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diploma project
‘Hawaldar Halwa’
The image of the police has been linked with corruption, extortion, arrogance, brutality and anti-social elements. But from the point of view of the hawaldar, the world looks different. ‘Hawaldar Halwa’ is an episodic animation that deals with recurring issues of traffic like road rage and police-public cooperation in a corrupt, power-hungry society.

Background study, literature review, data collection and scenario building methodologies were used for data collection. Stories were compiled from newspaper reports, involving uncommon encounters of policemen. For the interaction stage, the system in a city was observed and studied, including the idle morning hour and the various training and recruitment drives.

Analysis based on this research gave the bases for some concepts and character designs which were carried forward for development and validation. The aim was to cover all the areas of traditional animation. CGI was avoided in order to focus more on characters and animation.

class room project
'The Wrong People'

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