Ruchita Sancheti |

Layout and Display Design of a Private Collection Museum

Guide L.C. Ujawane
Sponsor Wheaton Design Pvt. Ltd
Keywords display design;exhibition planning;minimalistic elegance;museum design

This project involved designing the basic layout of the space and detailing of a few display units therein. It sought to explore various levels in the field of museum design.

A visit to the local museum helped understand display techniques, distractions, and discomforts. Research was mainly focused on display design and exhibition planning. The primary consideration for display design was the exhibits; for exhibition planning, the focus was on capturing the curiosity of the visitors. The placement of the island units/pedestals is radial and provides good circulation and visibility. The interiors of the museum hold a neutral and monochromatic finished look so as to highlight the exhibits while representing the materials, techniques, and today's aesthetic in contrast to the exhibits which are colourful and intricately detailed.

For designing the display, the first challenge was to create a design language so that all the displays in the museum look connected and integrated well within the space; this was mainly done in glass, concrete, and cast iron section. The display stand and the miniature painting display are free standing structures which have minimalistic elegance and a transparent structure; hence, making the space bigger and uncluttered. This allowed for total visibility of the exhibits while providing them protection.

This project aimed at understanding the final design and meticulously following its form and function. It has incorporated all things contemporary and classic. The project also familiarised one with the practical aspects of working in the field.
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