Sudhakar B |

The Blue Horse and The Foal

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Head Start Educational Trust
Keywords animatics;origami forms;3D animation;thumbnails

Through the medium of animation, this film depicts a story that is narrated by a child with autism. The film attempted to portray the exact story with very few changes in between. The visuals in this film directly depicted the incidents mentioned in the story. The film aimed at enabling the child to relate to the story and not get disassociated with it because of changes.

This story took shape during a theatre class. The teacher spotted the child fondly staring at a blue horse in a picture book. The teacher asked the child to create a small story on the horse. Over many such classes, she added to the story of the blue horse and its foal, never forgetting where they had left off in the previous session.

It is a seven minute short animation film in that uses origami forms simulated using 3D animation software for creating the environment and characters. The film talks about the journey and companionship of a horse and its foal through its birth and its life over various seasons. It depicts the eternal cycle of birth and death, its sorrowful beauty and inevitability. This project was also inspired by three films: The Gruffalo, Where Wild Things Are, and Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron.

This project helped realise the importance of pre-production and planning. A lot of time was devoted to creating the thumbnails and the animatics. The next challenge was production that required coming up with the treatment that best suited the story. This film has given the confidence to experiment more with different kinds of textures and forms.
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