Chewang Dorjee Bhutia |

Sunny Side Up

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords Foley sounds;illustrations;Toon Boom Studio 4;waiting

This film is inspired by the situation in which one is desperately waiting for something to happen; but, in reality, the outcome/expectation does not fall into line with what one had planned. However, one still waits and hopes to make it work.

The film tells the story of a bird that has laid some eggs; she waits for a long time for them to hatch. Finally, all the chicks to break out of the shell; however, one egg remains unhatched. The bird is disap¬pointed and does not understand what went wrong. Later, it is revealed that an evil beaver had been skill¬fully replacing the bird’s eggs with the ones he would make from stones. The story talks about how one is often so sure of the outcome of one’s plans that one tends to forget that there are other forces at work, and no matter how hard one tries, sometimes, things will simply not work out the way they should.

A simplified approach was adopted while making this film. Work on some illustrations was made more cohesive. Watercolour and painting of landscapes was done to capture the essence of the forest and of nature in general. A brighter colour palette was chosen to emphasise the lightheartedness of the film. Animation was done using Toon Boom Studio 4. With regard to sound design, an overuse of Foley sounds was done away with and more of rhythm-based sounds were used.

Animation is a flexible art, so it also offers the scope to explore the design of the world that one would like to create in one’s story. This project taught a lot about the nuances of animation and filmmaking.
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