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Study Related to the Research and Creation of Cinemagraphs

Guide Chakradhar Saswade
Sponsor Nokia Research Centre
Keywords stability;tutorial;video recordings;visual communication

A cinemagraph is a form of visual communication. It is a creative process that combines art and technology. The project aims to launch an application on the Nokia handset that would create cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraphs are created by combining video recordings of a series of photographs. A good cinemagraph is one where the motion within the scene looks natural and flawless, even though it has been digitally edited; it should also convey some emotion. An ideal cinemagraph is something that could never exist as a video. It contrasts a small amount of movement with a scene that would otherwise be in motion had it not been photographed.

Stability is very important for a video that has to be cinemagraphed. For few videos in this project, the Sony point-and-shoot camera was used because it brought in the requisite amount of stability in those videos. Once the cinemagraph was shot, the next step was editing it. Nokia has already developed software for creating cinemagraphs; this software was tested for use in the final design; it was suggested that filters be used to enhance the output. All the information on making cinemagraphs gathered as a part of this project would later be used in a tutorial on the same.

Working on this project has been a great learning experience. The cinemagraph is a completely new medium of communication which will strongly influence the virtual world.
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