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Market Analysis and Strategy to Launch an Energy Efficient Innovative Product in the HVAC Industry in India

Guide Deval Kartik
Keywords customers’ expectations;global warming, graphite;Green building

This project focused on launching an energy efficient innovative product named ECOPHIT® in the HVAC industry in India. With global warming being the main concern across the world today, it is important to understand how much energy is being consumed in commercial buildings designed under so called “Modern Architecture”. It is an established fact that 50% of this energy consumed by commercial buildings is for heating or cooling. Hence, it becomes important to reduce this consumption in the HVAC requirements.

Graphite could be a key material in solving this problem due to its properties. It is a natural material, lightweight, an extremely good conductor of heat, is fire resistant and chemically non-reactive. The need to capture the Indian market triggered the launch of this product in India with the clear operating strategy of “Think Global, At Local”. This study has been carried out over a period of six months and the outcome after this period is to be able to provide the company with a clear scenario of the Indian construction industry and Green building construction to decide if this was the right time to introduce ECOPHIT® in the Indian market, and if yes then how?

A deep understanding was obtained on the customers’ expectations in terms of performance, availability, design support, ease in installation, target price, product certification, and other features from ECOPHIT®. A set of implementation plans have been handed over to the company after the distillation of the data analysis and cross checking it with the market. A phase-wise implementation in terms of immediate, short term and long term plans is suggested to the company, some of which have been implemented already.

This project was a good opportunity to explore, imbibe, analyse, plan and execute various design strategies in an effective manner.
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