Prakash Anant Narkhede |

Pachka (A Flop Show)

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords classical animation;character movements;childhood;light box

This is a childrenís film that depicts how, in any competition, the aspect of participation is as important as winning. Participation in competitions in childhood can turn out to be a rewarding experience.

At that young age, learning to co-operate with fellow participants and sacrificing oneís own wishes for the other's interests, are major accomplishments and learning platforms.
This film is the story of a six-year old boy, Gaurav, who excitedly participates in a fancy dress competition on the occasion of Childrenís Day.

Gaurav, who is dressed as Charlie Chaplin, does not realise that a mischievous boy has stealthily fixed a tail on the formerís pants. On stage, Gaurav is shocked to see the tail; but, the audience bursts into laughter as his efforts to get rid of the tail go in vain. Gaurav feels disappointed at his performance, but he gets a surprise when the teacher awards him for his entertaining act. The overall look of the film is light and colourful as it was mainly created for children. 2D classical animation was done using light box. The freely drawn strokes helped bring out the exaggerated character movements which the film demanded.

The whole journey of converting a comic book to an animation film was spectacular; a lot was learnt about the nuances of storytelling. Multiple perspectives on animation filmmaking were also acquired.
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