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Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords creative block;desaturated palette;non-diegetic sound;rotoscopy

This film aimed to communicate to students and individuals who have had the experience of working on a project for the first time on their own. It is about every animatorís story, trying to kickstart a project, coping with deadlines, and somehow coming up with a story, that is, breaking through the creative block.

Intensive courses in animation learnt over two years helped explore the avenues that were only imagined till now; it was also an opportunity to apply the design processes learnt so far. The animation process was implemented to a properly developed script through character development, storyboards, animatics, sound design, and numerous of revisions. The process was heavily focused on pre-production to ensure smooth workflow during the production and post-production phases.

The character development was elaborate because the film was aimed at others in a similar situation and the character resonates with the audience. Rotoscopy technique was used for the first part of the film, while, a hand drawn and dry brush inking was used in the second. Sound design too is an important part of the film, and was planned after a lot of research and feedback from the target audience. Sound had a major role to play in this film; hearing the girlís thoughts was essential for the audience to understand what drove the character; this was the non-diegetic sound. The colour scheme chosen was a simple desaturated palette.

The story is autobiographical in nature. It was understood that an animatorís task is not just to make something move, but to convey a message with clarity and precision; to communicate the idea aptly, whether through a fictional story or a social message.
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