Suganth Chellamuthu |

Design for Product Experience

Guide Deval Kartik
Sponsor Hindustan Unilever Research Centre
Keywords consumer education toolkit;homemade soups;naturalness;soup powders

Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL) is the leading player in the packaged soup market in India with a lion’s share of 70%. The launch of a variety of flavours of soup positioned as a healthy snack that can be given to children helped this category gain acceptance in the Indian households.

Soup powders are made with vegetables dried through dehydration; Unilever’s Knorr brand is one of the world’s leaders in this category. The objective of the project was to reinforce the experience of naturalness in the product at different touch points with the consumers, creating a 360-degree consumer experience model showcasing the goodness of dry ingredients that go into the making of Knorr. It was important to convey that the ingredients used are natural in every way and are perceived as close to homemade soups.

Descriptive and exploratory research study methods were used. Data collection techniques used were secondary research (using available information), primary research (IPA with narrative inquiry, participant observation. and non-participant observation). Primary research was done at Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi with consumer home visits and shop visits. By analysing data collected through primary and secondary research, conclusions were drawn and ideas were generated. The ideas were then converted to concepts to be executed for the project; these concepts were analysed by prototyping and mock up testing. Based on these findings and the recommendations from the responses for the testing, changes were made accordingly to create the comprehensive consumer education toolkit for creating the product experience.

This project taught a lot about application of design thinking into practice and working in an FMCG company and getting to know its functions.
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