Nitasha Sarangi |

Udaan: A Workshop Module for Young Girls

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsor Design Flyover, aka DFO
Keywords menstrual hygiene;NHRM;open-format workshop;system design proposal

This project focused on developing an awareness package/campaign on menstrual hygiene and health, based on a system design proposal for School Health Programme in India. The communication package intended to make girls aware of menstrual hygiene, healthy habits, and healthy living.

The system package developed in the project, intended to find the loopholes in the current system of the programme and fix it with innovative and strategic design solutions. The project was meant for girls in the age group of 10–18. After a few dry runs and required changes, the project would be presented to NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) for implementation at the national level. It was important to understand what was “explicit” among the concerned group.

Understanding the thin line separating what could be discussed in public and that which could only be discussed in private, was really important. Many related campaigns do not succeed in this; sometimes, people just ignore it, otherwise, they raise voices against it and ban the campaign, which makes any future intervention in the domain impossible. The final deliverables for the project comprised a system design proposal for the School Health Programme and an open-format workshop on healthy living, menstrual hygiene, and sexual health for adolescent girls; it has been named as Udaan.

The project has been an eye-opener as one had to interact with different individuals and learn about their different struggles in life. It was a good opportunity to work on such an important area of health-related issues that are often neglected.
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