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Angadi Silks: Environmental Graphics for a Retail Store

Guide Dr. Tridha Gajjar
Sponsor Rezonant Design
Keywords customer loyalty;environmental graphics;illustration techniques;space design

This project aimed at creating store graphics and installation designs as part of brand communication for the sponsor. Research for this project included analysing the company’s history, processes, products, peers, and other related information; understanding the space design of the retail store was also an important part of the work done at this stage.

The graphics that would be designed in this project aimed at reinforcing the company's values in the customers’ mind, thereby, fostering customer loyalty. Keeping the aspirations of the target audience in mind, graphics were developed for four different store spaces; they mainly focused on showcasing the history, products, and services of the Angadi brand. It involved a lot of innovative illustration techniques, photography, art direction, as well as dealing with large scale prints.

Graphics and installations were designed for every floor; but the ground floor received maximum footfalls. This being a retail store, there was shelving all around with very few open wall spaces. So, the staircase was the only uninterrupted canvass for environmental graphics and was a good space to build the brand story. Hence, the ground floor and staircase area were to be worked upon on a priority basis. The end deliverables comprised a series of posters, photo collages, and wall graphics.

This project imparted a deeper insight into graphic design. It also created awareness about how it is to work in a professional environment. The project also instilled confidence in handling tasks related to large scale graphics.
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