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Motorised Home Care Bed for Bedridden Patients

Guide Bhaskar M R Bhatt
Sponsor Godrej & Boyce Mfg.Co. Ltd.
Keywords lifestyle diseases;healthcare industry post-treatment;product-service system

This project is an initiative of the healthcare furniture department at Godrej Interio. It had identified the need of a home healthcare service from the current scenario of healthcare services in India and proposed a product-service system.

Initially, brainstorming and the research included not only hospital and home scenarios but also user/patient as the centre for design and other healthcare furniture available in market. In this project, ergonomic parameters were also studied.

This project is an exploration for creating a new market in the field of healthcare in India. There is a need for post-treatment extended care for bedridden patients at home because of the ever increasing costs of hospitalisation and the growing instances of lifestyle diseases in urban India. Home care also creates a new avenue for the healthcare industry to reach out to more number of patients. This product not only makes the patient feel comfortable for faster recovery, but also facilitates the caregiver to take better care of the patient. It also goes a step further by making the patients as independent as possible in their daily activities.

This was new experience of working on a large-scale project and one learnt how to represent vast amounts of data concisely in order to convince the stakeholders for the need of specific features in the product. One also learnt the importance of viewing problems from the users’ perspective before suggesting solutions based on one’s design sensibilities.
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