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April 13. 2 AM: A Film About Hope

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords boiling textured look;diary;hope;sound editing

This movie is about hope, about realising that just simply because a group of people belittle one, does not mean that one is inferior in any way. No matter how bad life seems to be, the spirit of hope is always around.

The story is about a little girl, who had a hard time moving on with anything. She maintained a diary recording these incidents and also drew images depicting the harsh times. All creatures in her diary were huge. She visualises an underground world; but actually it was a carnival. Full of chaos and cacophony, it was very crowded and everyone seemed so big and powerful. After a series of incidents there, she realised she was back. She felt a little relieved and told herself it was just a dream. But as she turned, she saw all the creatures again; they were all the people she had mentioned in her diary. They all laughed at her; she felt very small in their presence. Soon, the colour faded and just when she thought she had lost all hope, a green leaf came to her out of nowhere. She took the leaf in her hands and realised there was still hope.

Each frame in the film was painted with a short-sized brush to impart a boiling textured look. The film was timed, edited, colour corrected, and textuted in Adobe After Effects CS3. Sound editing was done on Adobe Premiere Pro 7.

This project involved a lot of exploration, right from the story to the point of execution. There were a lot of challenges faced while completing this film; however, they only made one more confident as a designer and added to one’s understanding of the entire filmmaking process.
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