Madhumanti Ghosh |

Demo Strategy For Pureit Water Purifier

Guide Shashank Mehta
Sponsor Hindustan Unilever Liimited
Keywords communication strategy;demo protocols;mock-up testing;project management

This project was about designing the communication strategy for HULís water purifier in Bangladesh. Key emphasis was given to product demonstrations that would show the benefits of using ĎPureití water purifier over the traditional practice of water purification; namely that of boiling. HUL had never conducted a demonstration for its water purifier before, and since this was for another nation, it was very important to understand the need, perception, and psychology about a water purifier in Bangladesh itself.

An extensive study of the peopleís lifestyle, the target consumerís purchase pattern, their home and kitchen practices, their fears and worries were done. The study gave the project a new dimension, which was not only limited to a demonstration but to a 360- degree activation campaign.

The project was conducted phase wise. The first phase of the project was mostly understanding the projectís scope, and defining a guideline as to how to go about the timeline. The second phase was about outlining a structure of the project, including critical planning and project management. The third phase of research and analysis speeded up the work. New opportunities were explored, along with mock-up testing, travelling, and viewing a behaviour pattern. Later, the ideas were developed from narrowed trigger points. Development of prototypes and coordinating with vendors was done, mostly executing an idea into reality.

The last phase saw the actual trial of the demonstration with the prototypes, and also designing of a detailed demo kit along with the demo protocols. This pointed towards refinements in the brand for its actual implementation. Working on a project was a great learning experience for me; it taught a lot about various communication strategies.
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