Nandini Krishnamurthy |

Designing the IdeaSpice Culture

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsor Ideaspice Design Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords design culture;operational manual;Ritual book;Spice book

The project focused on designing and structuring the IdeaSpice culture with an aim to replicate and manage this culture across the studios spread over six countries.

Research comprised a detailed study on design culture, raised to the scale of an organisation. An elaborate study identified the culture of IdeaSpice through aspects such as its evolution, philosophies, design systems, dynamics, work styles, rituals, and ethics. This project could devise a model to document the content that would cover the overall culture of IdeaSpice, or generate visual interpretations of the designed content by building narratives, connections, and graphic language. The key intent was to create an operational manual for IdeaSpice, keeping in mind the need for an updated compilation or a reflection of their identity and their position in the industry.

A flexible tool to incorporate the culture into the new branches during the expansion of the existing offices, it would record the established culture in the form of documentation for the aspiring employees. The final product had been through several morphed phases before it could gain a concrete form. The deliverable was sometimes a vague concept, a specific context, an open ended terminology, a medium, or even a characteristic to help picturise the final product. The Ritual book was planned to follow the context of time; all the activities would be compressed into this week-oriented book; hence, a Spice book for new employees was designed.

Besides presenting an opportunity to visualise and ideate a simple form for an intricate system, this project focused on the skills of documenting and organising a complex set of data. It helped create connections and taught the art of simplifying. The project also led to a refined sense of content selection, context design, and visual language.
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