Priyam Yashwant Doshi |

Installations for IIJS SIGNATURE 2012

Guide Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Sponsor Lemon Design Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords miniature paintings;spatial design;spatial installations;trade shows

Work on this project involved creating spatial installations that would be in sync with the visual theme chosen for IIJS Signature 2012, and a place where visitors and exhibitors would feel comfortable and have a relaxing experience in the course of the day.

GJEPC’s India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) Signature has been conceptualised to represent and showcase the best that India has to offer in design, craftsmanship, and quality. This exclusive platform witnesses participation from both Indian and international companies who display the best in products and design. Based on the event theme of Crafting Traditions, two installations —The Courtyard and The Courtyard Garden, were designed in the exhibition space for the visitors.

The design language for the exhibition was further worked upon and it was decided that it would comprise illustrations inspired from Indian paintings that would translate the experience of royal Indian courtyards. An illustrator was consulted for developing the visual design language inspired from miniature paintings. The challenging part was to work closely with the graphic design team and translate the graphical language to 3D concepts with ease and effectiveness. Aspects such as fabrication time and costs had to be considered while bringing in an element of surprise to an otherwise predictable arrangement that often characterises trade shows.

This project was an attempt at relating elements of spatial design to accessory design. The spatial installation becomes the accessory that a user experiences in the space that holds it. It was realised that the grammar of design remains the same irrespective of the application and medium.
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