Anup Gupte |

Class Room Furniture

Guide L.C. Ujawane
Sponsor Pyrotech Workspace Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords classroom furniture;MDF;pre-laminated particle board;teak wood bidding

This project aimed at designing classroom furniture for senior secondary classes. An ergonomic and functional range of products which would be visually unique and easily distinguishable from the products currently available in the market had to be designed; also, it had to be a transportable (knock down) product that could be assembled on site. The sponsor had entered into newer segments of the furniture market and was looking forward to expand its portfolio of products; this presented an opportunity to tap the institutional furniture market.

A market study was done to establish the kind of furniture that was available. Subsequently, a live study of three schools was done to look at user requirements and habits. Along with that, a study was undertaken on teaching styles and the future of classroom teaching in India. Ergonomic data was also collected and interpreted for the category.

Keeping ergonomic considerations at the base, ideation was done on various forms and concepts for a pair of classroom tables and chairs. Technical help from the engineers of the company helped form details for manufacturing a full scale prototype. The top of the table was manufactured in MDF; although, the actual material used was pre-laminated particle board and teak wood bidding. As an added feature, the table could be stacked by lowering the work surface.

Working with an upcoming company was an experience in itself. This project helped understand the potential for designers in the Indian manufacturing industries.
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