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Children’s Furniture for Homes

Guide L.C. Ujawane
Sponsor Takshaka Interiors Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords activity requirements;buyer expectation;upper middle-class;urban Indian children

This project was about designing a range of furniture for urban Indian children in the age group of 6–12 from the upper middle-class strata. The products were to address one or a combination of their activity requirements of studying, playing, sleeping, sitting, and storing; importance was give to meeting the buyer (parental) expectation in terms of design and manufacturing.

A growing number of upper middle-class and educated households in urban areas aspire for a better lifestyle. Increased global awareness and higher disposable incomes has ushered in the need for well-designed products for Indian kids. Research was done on children in the 6–12 years age group, with special focus on their lifestyles, gender preferences, family structure, and accommodation needs through books, articles, home visits, and interviews.

Analysis of the collected information revealed the need to have singular pieces of furniture addressing specific requirements. In the end, three separate furniture pieces were designed and developed around the activity of sitting, coupled with separate primary and secondary activity requirements addressing the same context, age group, design direction, and visual language. The final designs were called Monster Pouf, Bellow Chair, and Toy Cart.

The realisation of designs into products which could be appreciated by both children and their parents was enriching in terms of understanding of use of materials, manufacturing technology, and constraints.
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