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Love like a Sunset: Comic to Animation

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Manta Ray Comics
Keywords comic book;inking;motion typography;trailers

This project involved work on a given comic book script for a story titled, Love like a Sunset in black and white. The book was to have eighteen pages; its contents would be translated into promotional trailers for the book launch of the client.

Characters were designed as per the script. Initial sketches were made, and later on altered to include clearer physical charateristics that would go along with their respective parts. Some reference pictures were used for building the environment and for detailing. Explorations with ink and brush helped get the flow of the characters. A combination of brush pen and fine tip pen was used to create variations in line quality. Finally, clean pen lines and solid blacks without any dry brush technique were used.

It was thought appropriate to take scenes from the comic book, re-visualise, and animate them for the promotional videos. But, it was soon learnt that making fully animated trailers would be unreasonable and more time consuming than making the comic books themselves. Therefore, it was decided that a motion comic promotional trailer combined with motion typography would be made. Treatment for the promotional trailers would remain similar to the comic books themselves. For most places, original artwork or panels from the comics themselves were used and there was minimal movement.

A lot of page layouts were rejected in their pencilled or inked stage. Having to evaluate the work done at every stage and learning from the mistakes in the process, trained one to practice inking in a meticulous manner and eventually gain perfection along the way.
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