Amita Heer |


Guide L.C. Ujawane
Sponsor Takshaka Interiors Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords headboard designs;Indian apartments;multipurpose furniture;spring loaded mechanism

The project focused on developing a set of multipurpose furniture for addressing the needs of modest spaces in contemporary Indian apartments. The project was a good opportunity to work with an upcoming furniture retail brand.

A detailed study of the specific functions and activities in each space within the home was carried out to understand the possibilities of explorations in multipurpose furniture. Local and international trends in the range multipurpose furniture were researched through market investigations and other sources, thus capturing qualitative and quantitative dimensions of such products. Understanding consumer needs and usage was done through interviews and home visits. Research clearly showed that Indian homes and consumers demand storage and the product that had the maximum potential in terms of usage and functionality was a bed.

After finalising the concepts, developing drawings for the prototypes, initial models, and some mock up details were done. The final products comprised beds with storage, one for the Modern Luxury range, which emphasised on well crafted and luxurious pieces; this bed explored the concept of storage in the bed base with the help of spring loaded mechanism. The second bed was designed keeping in mind the various needs of consumers. The bed in the range called Human, offered consumers function, comfort, and flexibility. Consumers were given various options in terms of storage and headboard designs of this knockdown bed.

Working with a start-up furniture brand helped realise the vast opportunities in the field of designing furniture. The project provided deep insights into the world of professional design practice.
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