Mayank Bisht |

Art Deco Relived

Guide P Rama Krishna Rao
Sponsor The Great Eastern Home
Keywords Art Nouveau;French elegance;linear symmetry;wood

This project aimed at creating a furniture collection for a contemporary setting infused with the essence of Art Deco.

Research began by studying the store and its philosophy to ensure that the envisaged designs would fit well into the existing environment. A study of consumer preferences, lifestyles, and needs was done before arriving at a design direction. As the sponsor specialises in furniture styles and has the ability to manufacture the same, an appropriate project proposal around a period furniture collection was developed. Research was done on Art Deco; it was also important to articulate the design language of the period and its technical details.

Art Deco's linear symmetry was a distinct departure from the flowing, asymmetrical, and organic curves of its predecessor—Art Nouveau. Art Deco embraced influences from many different styles of the early twentieth century and that is why the most important aspect of this whole project was to study and help the artisans working on wood to adapt to the aesthetic of that time. The furniture is typically in wood and has a French elegance; it is well proportioned and elegantly austere, the forms are simple and functional and capable of maximising the natural beauty of wood.The embellishment and motifs follow a restrained organic or ornamental geometric character with details such as carvings and inlay in low relief.

Research, training artisans to work with wood and read the drawings, articulating the ideas and executing the same, made for a valuable learning experience. This project helped learn the practical aspects and nuances of developing a furniture range from scratch; it also helped understand the importance of work ethics and responsibility.
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