Sandhya Ramachandran |

OVIYAM (painting)

Guide Shilpa Das
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords illusion;possibilities;premeditated shot taking;reality

The objective of this project was to explore the surreal in the context of art, and the concept of love in its various manifestations and the complex web of emotions it evokes. Oviyam is a short film which is structured with visuals involving colour concepts, lighting design, and premeditated shot taking.

The film narrates a tale about possibilities; about people and their perceptions of reality and fiction. Om is an artist who has finished a canvas called, The Wreck, while listening to old tapes of his wife singing, struggling to accept her death. Unknowingly, the girl in the painting greatly resembles Srishti, a girl who has just moved into a new city, Ahmedabad. Everyday things seem to be going wrong for her; due to her life having now become deeply embroiled with that of the girl in the painting. Through the window overlooking the painting, Omís new neighbour, Akshat, is mysteriously drawn towards The Wreck. The girl in the painting falls in love with him and haunts him to fall back in love with her. The colours, patterns, and bits and pieces of the painting haunt Akshat. He falls for her trap and searches for her everywhere.

The story unfolds as possibilities between illusion and reality merge. The colours mainly used in the film were yellow and blue. The tones were reduced to look stark in the beginning, they would get richer as the film progressed; in particular, the yellow colour got deeper in tone when the protagonists met.

This film helped build the confidence to work as a director, and most importantly to organise everything before a shoot so as to enjoy the process of filmmaking itself.
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