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Rebranding Mahindra

Guide Dr. Tridha Gajjar
Sponsor Landor Associates
Keywords automotive industry;brand identity;brand recall;typography

The objective of this project was to help the sponsor create a new brand identity through a thorough understanding of the current brand and assessing and evaluating its potential to establish “rise” as its brand philosophy and brand objective.

The brand should have aspirational value for the Indian youth and at the same time it must have global appeal. For understanding the target audience, it became necessary to study contemporary India from a design and trends perspective. The study revealed that in order for the Mahindra brand to be in sync with contemporary India, it had to have a global appeal, while simultaneously respecting its Indian origins and heritage. Research helped define the concepts and designs around the “rise” philosophy, which would become the essence of the Mahindra brand.

The existing red colour was retained for its appropriateness in the “rise” context, differentiation in the automotive industry, and due to the significance of the colour in Indian culture. It would also help in connecting the new brand to the old in the transitional stage, making for a smooth evolution of the brand. The typography was the emphasis of the identity. A geometric, bold, boxy, yet rounded type was designed to convey the sturdiness and reliability of the Mahindra flagship brand. A red circle, symbolic of the sun, was the base of the identity, and was also the graphic device used as part of its visual language and communication for better differentiation and quick brand recall.

This project was an opportunity to interact with people who were inspiring, supportive, encouraging, and helpful; it was indeed a valuable learning experience.
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