Sunil Kumar Gupta |

Tableware Collection in Metal

Guide Neelima Hasija
Sponsor MA Design India Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords customer segments;Spring 2013 Tableware Collection;Sunflower;Vincent Van Gogh

This project aimed at designing tableware collection for Spring Season 2013.It had to fall in line with the sponsor’s aspiration which is to provide the ultimate experience in metal craft, art, and design, with a clear objective of viewing sustainability both intellectually and materially.

The project was an exercise in understanding forms and materials under all aspects, including international trends, export markets, manufacturing processes, and detailing. Studying thematic collections and different phenomena of spring, inspired the Spring 2013 Tableware Collection. The stories were associated with the essence of spring and the behaviour of people in this season. The project defined target consumers and attempted to understand their lifestyle preferences. This information and its analysis facilitated ideation and product variations in the design process; five possible customer segments were identified on the basis of research.

Further, five themes were presented to the design team—Butterfly, Sunflower, Water, Honeycomb, and Crochet. Brainstorming sessions led to concept building and sketches for each theme. Finally, the Sunflower theme was taken forward. The cultural and historic significance of sunflowers was studied with special focus on the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. The target segment comprised the elite and the rich; a line of products called, Vincent Collection, was created for this segment. Prototype flow charts were made for each of these products and prototypes were made after putting a lot of effort with the material explorations and experimentations.

The helped refine both design and artistic sensibilities. The design process learnt as part of the Lifestyle Accessory Design discipline lent a holistic approach to the stages of research, ideation, form explorations, ultimately to the creation of the final product. The research process helped analyse the various aspects concerning the connection between the market, consumers, and a design firm.
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