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Styling of Inverter

Guide Bhaskar M R Bhatt
Sponsor Design Consultancy Services
Keywords cabinet design;engineering;home appliance;inverter trolley

Work on this project began with a thorough understanding of the inverter as a product; this was followed by an extensive market research to understand the real needs of the inverter market.

The scope of this project involved designing the inverter with the technology remaining the same. Focus had to given to aesthetics while designing the features of the inverter.
The project was also extended to deliver the concept for cabinet design for the existing battery.
This project aimed to match the cabinet design with the inverter styling.

In the research phase, comprehensive analysis was carried out to determine the characteristics of the inverter. The key points behind the design were: the same price range, its resemblance to a home appliance/product, and ease of manufacturing. The design was carried out for three different inverter models to satisfy the needs at different market levels. Three different designs were decided under the names of: Exide, Standard Furukawa and Chloride. The design stage was followed by a detailed engineering process which involved full development of prototype model for better understanding of the inverter and details of manufacturing processes for further production. In the last stage of product development, all the three designs were taken to the production level for mass manufacturing. An inverter trolley concept was proposed to match the overall design of the inverter.

This was not only a design project, a complete product development project that taught a lot about the responsibilities involved in a work of such a scale. This diploma project taught how to adopt a professional approach to all the design projects that one would take up in future.
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