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Birthing Praxes - Design for Maternity & Childbirth

Guide Gayatri Menon
Sponsor Phoenix Medical systems Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords labour;labour assistant trolley;LDR;maternal health

Labour is a dynamic process requiring an efficient and organised group of workers who must attend to a woman who is about to deliver her child. More than three people are always required on location to put together equipments and accessories required for the childbirth process. The labour assistant trolley was one of the potential design interventions among the several ideas proposed to tackle various issues pertaining to maternal health.

Every element of the labour set was studied in terms of usage, number, frequency of use, dimensions, variations available in the local market, commonly used brands, and disposal methods. Also, their movement across the LDR (Labour, Delivery and Recovery) and in some cases, outside the LDR was mapped. Thus, the final product was an outcome of intensive research and analysis.

The labour assistant trolley features the placement of various elements that assist the process of labour, set as per the order and the frequency of use, thus enabling an efficient working situation for the hospital staff, ensuring that the doctor is provided with what she needs right at the labour interface area. The other features include a height adjustable work panel satisfying the relative ergonomic factor, pre-storage of medicines and other kits that might be required during the process of labour, and facilitating movement of sterile material from the autoclave as well as used material to be sent for disposal, cleaning, or sterilisation.

The project was a learning experience in terms working with medical professionals and their outlook towards new technologies. It is interesting to observe how design can help create changes in medical practices. The project evaluated the work pattern in a labour ward and aimed to create a more organised and sensitive work environment while managing labour.
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