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Animated Plot for Television Series

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
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Keywords animatic;comic book format;compositing;episodic animation

This film aimed at creating a new episodic animation for television viewers in India. The pilot episode of this film is an introduction to the character and the setting; this episode describes his initial adventures as he enters his fantasy world while driving an auto rickshaw. Initially, this story was narrated in a comic book format.

At the crux of the plot is a Kolkata auto rickshaw driver named Bhotbhoti Maiti and his fascination for daydreaming about a parallel universe, where, he enacts the role of a melodramatic action hero who is a smart talker and moves around in a modified auto rickshaw; the plot also includes the constant jolts he receives when he is brought down to reality. Initially, storyboards were made using sketchbook scribbles, but the final storyboard required an animatic to be developed. Once the film had progressed towards its animatic stage, it was evident that the sound design of the film should be such that it should not reveal the suspense of the story, nor should it be so vague that the audience is not able to connect with it.

The character design exercise went through a series of stages based on the look of the characters from the comic book format. As this was a pilot for an episodic animation, where, the animation language would have to be replicated over a series of episodes, Adobe Flash was used to convey the story; the compositing was done using Adobe After Effects.

The art of storytelling comes with its own set of trials and tribulations; transforming a comic book narrative into an animation film was a learning process in itself. This will be deeply cherished as it touched upon every aspect of education gained so far.
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