Trisha Mishra |

Centre Stack Electronics for an Indian B- Segment Hatchback

Guide Bhaskar M R Bhatt
Sponsor Visteon Corporation
Keywords ACDI (Audio Climate Driver Information);automotive display;centre stack electronics;ICP (Integrated Control Panel)

This project was about designing the centre stack electronics for an Indian B-segment hatchback (Indica Vista).

The project extended to the design of centre stack electronics comprising audio and climate controls and driver information. It was essential to understand the design of automobile centre stack electronics as per the ICP (Integrated Control Panel) - ACDI (Audio Climate Driver Information) technologies developed by Visteon. The process started out with understanding how the instrument panel evolved through time and how fashion in instrumentations changed, followed by an extensive study of the technology developed by the client.

The trends seen in the cars of today were studied, followed by understanding automotive display and controls. Simultaneously, the car, its market segmentation, and target customer were comprehensively understood. Consequently, the requirements were detailed out and user studies were carried out to understand the userís perspective. The conceptualisation started and went through numerous stages of evolution before one was finalised and its mechanical packaging was put through a check and passed ahead to the engineering team for software and mechanical development.

It was a tremendous learning experience at Visteon as it was possible to work on live projects and see for oneself how things worked in reality. Visteon being an international company with a product profile ranging from HVAC, lighting, interiors and electronics helped gain an insight into the processes it followed. One needs to understand commercial realities and learn to strike a balance without letting the design lack in any particular area.
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