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Storage Furniture for Home

Guide P Rama Krishna Rao
Sponsor Shark Design Studio Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords joinery explorations;retail design sector;storage furniture;urban lifestyles

Shark Design Studio Pvt. Ltd., a well-known name in the Indian retail design sector wanted to enter the furniture market through its subsidiary brand, BLEU. The brand considered home storage and kitchen furniture, while, more focus was to be given to the former. This was a unique opportunity in terms of style and design direction. The project offered tremendous scope for designing a startup line.

This project familiarised one with how large companies and production houses functioned, as BLEU aimed to be a major player in the upper home segment in the near future. Valuable insights were gained about different industrial manufacturing and fabrication processes and the scope and limitations offered by them.

The project required a study of various market potentials, industrial processes, and machinery at the disposal of the sponsor while designing the new furniture range. The final designs would embody the essence of urban lifestyles and also work well within the restrictions and opportunities a production house offered. The design direction for a sideboard was inspired by the form of the ballet. Joinery explorations led to the designing of a range of joineries called CubeY.

This project facilitated a great deal of work in the areas of production and designing. A lot of learning and experimentation took place while working with variety of furniture ranges. The freedom offered during the designing process was indeed encouraging and helped one come up with interesting concepts and directions. This project made one realise how minor aspects could make a huge difference while taking crucial design decisions.
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